Hawaiʻi’s Female Seminaries

In addition to Kawaiahaʻo Seminary, there were several other mission-supported schools for girls on Oʻahu, Maui, and Hawaiʻi islands; most shorter-lived than Kawaiahaʻo (with the exceptions of Kohala and Maunaolu). Records for all of these girls’ school are scattered, sparse, and have no single curated institutional home.

Name of School  Dates  Notes:Founders & Other Associates
Hilo Girls’ Boarding School, Hawaiʻi 1838 to ~1846? Fidelia Coan, wife of Rev. Titus Coan
Kaʻū Female Seminary, Hawaiʻi 1862 – 1865 1865 (Gulicks moved school to Waiʻalua, Oʻahu) renamed Waiʻalua Female SeminaryOrramel Hinkley Gulick
later Waiʻalua Female Seminary, Oʻahu 1865 Anna Eliza (Clark) Gulick
  1870 Gulicks to Japan, closed briefly, reopens 1871Mary E. Green
 1882 1882 closed, assets transferred to Kawaiaha’o Seminary
Kawaiaha’o Female Seminary, Honolulu 1864 – 1908 Luther Halsey Gulick
  Louisa Gulick
a.k.a. Miss Bingham’s school  Lydia Bingham (later Mrs. Titus Coan) 1867-1873
  Lizzie Johnston (assistant to Lydia)
  Elisabeth Kaahumanu Bingham 1873-1880
  Helen S. Norton 1880 – Jan 1884
  Mattie Chamberlain (acting Jan – June 1884)
  Mary E. Alexander 1884-1888
  Helen Pepoon 1888-1891
  Ida M. Pope 1891-1894
  Florence A. Perrott 1894-1895
  Elizabeth E. Gillan 1895-1896
  Christina Paulding 1896-1902
  Katheryn C. McLeod 1902-1908
later Kawaiaha’o Girls Department at Mid-Pacific Institute 1908 – 1920 1908 merged with other mission supported schools to form Mid-Pacific Institute on a new campus in Mānoa – Mills Institute, Okumura Japanese Boarding School, Korean Methodist Boarding School
  Mabel Bosher (Later Mrs. Doremus Scudder) 1908-1917
Kohala Female Seminary 1874 – 1955 Rev. Elias Bond
  Ellen Howell Bond
  1884 typhoid epidemic. Lyons leaves to care for aged father and no replacement could be found.  School closed.Elizabeth Lyons (dau of Lorenzo Lyons)
 reopened 1887 under HEA, Bonds donate land
 1955 1955 closed
Maunaʻolu Seminary, Maui 1862 – 1977 1869 school burnsRev. Claudius B. Andrews
a.k.a. Makawao Family School 1871 reopens with Baldwin sponsorshipAnne Seward (Gilson) Andrews (d.1863)
a.k.a. East Maui Female Seminary  Samantha (Gilson) Andrews (2d wife)
  Helen E. Carpenter
  Mary E. Alexander (also  Kawaiahaʻo Seminary)
 1958 1958 becomes 2-year college, 1969 4- year community college
 1977 1977 closes altogether
Makiki Family School, Honolulu, Oʻahu 1860 – 1869 Maria Ogden (comes from Wailuku school which had closed)
  1869 closed and assets transferred to Kawaiahaʻo Seminary
Waiʻalua Female Seminary, Oʻahu 1865 – 1882 (See entry for Kaʻū Female Seminary)
Wailuku Female Seminary, Maui 1837 – 1858 Rev. Jonathan S. Green
a.k.a. Central  Lydia Brown
  Maria Ogden
  Edward Bailey
  1849 transitioned to coeducational
  closed 1858


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