Re-blog: Akono Akau and Maraea Iaukea are married in the mountainous lands of Waimea, 1869.

Re-blog from Nupepa-Hawaii – Tags: Student Names

“Miss Maraea Iaukea, one of the attractive blossoms of Waimea [ka aina mauna] who was educated at the Girls’ School of Miss L. D. Bingham at Kawaiahao. ”

NOTES: 1. Maraea Iaukea was the elder sister of Curtis Piʻehu Iaukea. 2. In its early years, Kawaiahaʻo Seminary was often referred to as “Miss Bingham’s school” in reference to its first principal, Miss Lydia Bingham (Coan).


[Found under: “NU HOU KULOKO”]


Joined as one.—S. H. Mahuka of the land of the Kipuupuu wind and rain of Waimea told us, reporting that on the past 28th of August, in Imiola Church in Waimea, joined in holy marriage were Mr. Akono Akau, part Chinese of the Kanilehua rain [Hilo] and Miss Maraea Iaukea,

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