Re-blog: More on Liliʻuokalani and her support of education. 1895.

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“She took up the Liliuokalani Educational Society, with its two divisions, and greatly assisted its funds from her own earnings and property. There were many girls who received an education because of this society, and the girls’ school of Kawaiahao, that grounds of learning of the missionaries, saw benefits, and this cannot be denied in the least.”

With the overthrow, Queen Liliʻuokalani’s relationship with Kawaiahaʻo Seminary appears to have been irretrievably broken. I have found no evidence of her attendance at programs or support for the school after 1893. As this post implies, the school, its teachers, and administrators may have been perceived by some supporters of the Queen, as under the control of the so-called “missionary party” and, as such, sympathetic if not complicit in the events and political environment that brought an end to the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi.



The celebrating and remembering of the birthday of someone is not a bad thing, or something to criticize. And this applies when the person whose birthday that is being remembered has died, it is a good thing, should that person have done a famous deed or left an important legacy for her trustees to carry out, like the Alii, Pauahi-a-Paki.

We are not opposing the remembrance of her trustees and the heads of the Kamehameha Schools, like what was done this past Thursday, on the birthday of this Alii of this land, who showed her true aloha for her lahui by leaving her great estate for the good and welfare of the new generations of her own people, so that the their thoughts and actions are bettered. We do however oppose and criticize the attempt to deify, and it is almost to the point where the missionaries and…

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