Re-blog: Lucy Kahaina Keohohinaokalani Kekoa turns 50 years old, 1919.

Lucy Kahaina Keohohinaokalani Kekoa
(image caption in newspaper mis-labels this photograph. See note in Nupepa’s post)

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This newspaper article identifies Lucy Kailiponi  as having been a student at Kawaiaha‘o Seminary.  Based on her age she would have been in attendance sometime in the 1870s and/or 1880s.  Students as young as 4 were at the Seminary.  Graduates were usually in the their late teens (17, 18, or 19) when they completed their studies.




To Solomon Hanohano, Esq., Aloha oe:—Please let me introduce before you and your workers of the press.

Last Sunday, January 5, 1919, Mrs. Lucy Kahaina Keohohinaokalani Kekoa made 50 years old; she is a native mother and kamaaina to the dark cliffs of Koolaupoko, and there she was born from the loins of Mrs. Lilia Kamaka Kailiponi and C. Apela Kailiponi on the 5th of January, 1869, and she is a mother who is well known to Honolulu’s people, and she has many family and friends on the islands.

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