Kawaiahaʻo Seminary: 1900 census – 644 King Street, Honolulu

Sheets B 16 and 17, Enumeration District 7 Honolulu – unfortunately, some of the student names are very difficult to read.

Census information was collected on June 12, 1900 (the school year had ended one week before and, therefore, most students had departed).

Link to census image B Sheets 17 and 17, Enumeration District 7 Honolulu. This image is on the Family Search website and you may need to signup for a free account for the link to work.

Mother’s bpImmigration YearYears in USSpeaks Hawaiian
Christina PauldingPrincipal40May 1860CaliforniaCaucasianNew YorkNew York18855No
Jane JohnsonTeacher44May 1856OhioCaucasianOhio  Ohio  18982No
Belle JohnsonTeacher41Jan 1859OhioCaucasianOhio  Ohio  18964No
Mattie MyrickTeacher45Mar 1855New YorkCaucasianOhio  New York18982No
Florence AsberryTeacher29Mar 1871OhioCaucasianOhio  Ohio  18991No
Marie PerleyTeacher30Oct 1870OhioCaucasianMassOhio  18991No
F PugsleyTeacher22Sep 1878CanadaCaucasianCanadaCanada18991No
Ella PugsleyTeacher29Apr 1871CanadaCaucasianCanadaCanada18982No
Ah MoiAt School17Mar 1883ChinaChineseChinaChina18926No
**ar   **ri (Kai Har?)At School16Mar 1884ChinaChineseChinaChina18919No
Maeu*? J***At School8Jun 1892ChinaChineseChinaChinaNo
Chin Ho?At School12Jun 1888ChinaChineseChinaChinaNo
Chow? Har**At School15Jun 1885ChinaChineseChinaChina18946No
Lillie AkiAt School17May 1883Hawn IslHawaiianChinaHawn IslYes
Ap**  D**At School16Mar 1885Hawn IslHawaiianScotlandHawn IslYes
Edith? *****At School14Jan 1886Hawn IslHawaiianScotlandHawn IslNo
L** Ba*t***At School12Dec 1887Hawn IslHawaiianGermanyHawn IslNo
At School14Mar 1886Hawn IslHawaiianHawn IslHawn IslYes
**** Bartells?At School14Sep 1886Hawn IslHawaiianGermanyHawn IslNo
Ester Hula?At School9Mar 1891Hawn IslHawaiianHawn IslHawn IslNo
Harriet? RobertsAt School7Mar 1893Hawn IslHawaiianCalifornia  Hawn IslNo
Edith RobertsAt School5Mar 1895Hawn IslHawaiianCalifornia  Hawn IslNo
Mary KapuAt School11Mar 1889Hawn IslHawaiianHawn IslHawn IslYes
Julia LazaroAt School9Jul 1890Hawn IslHawaiianHawn IslHawn IslYes
Kalia ManaseraAt School9Jun 1890Hawn IslHawaiianHawn IslHawn IslNo
Ah ChingAt School12Mar 1888ChinaChineseChinaChina18991No
Alice KongTeacher19May 1881ChinaChineseChinaChina18982No
Margaret AhmanTeacher18Mar 1882ChinaChineseChinaChina18955Yes
Alice KekepiTeacher15Jun 1884Hawn IslHawaiianHawn IslHawn IslYes
Sarah AonaTeacher17May 1883Hawn IslHawaiianHawn IslHawn IslYes
As mentioned, many of the student names are very difficult to decipher. The Family Search images have an adjustment tool that allows you to invert background and handwriting as well as adjust brightness and contrast.

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