1880s Historic Photographs of Kawaiahaʻo Seminary

These digital images are available online on the website of the Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society Library at the Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives. Mahalo to the archives for providing the links and permission to post these photographs. Captions are quoted directly from their file names.

“Miss Davis and her class, c. 1880s Kawaiahao Seminary. Photograph.” [NOTE: On the left side, Maggie Powers (later known as Mother Waldron) is seated directly in front of Miss Davis. Miss Myra Davis taught at the seminary for two school years — 1888-89 & 1889-1890. A short biography of her is included in American Girl as well as a description of her in one of Carrie Winters’ letters to Charles Kofoid.]



“A group of school girls, with hats probably Kawaiahao Seminary. Photograph.”



“Kawaiahao Seminary_girls on steps. Photograph.”



“Kawaiahao Seminary_girls white dress and hats. Photograph.””



“Kawaiahao Seminary, girls posed in front of stone wall : Chamberlain House in background. Photograph.”



“Kawaiahao Seminary, girls walking in a line. Photograph.”




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